The Good and The Bad

I don’t think of God as being found in only the “good” part of humans or that “God is love”  or that we only see God when we see the goodness in the depths of another person.  Realizing that this may be an unpopular idea (and it took me a lot of years to come to that conclusion myself) and that everyone has their own idea of what God is, for me, if God is Nature, everything, ever present, which is how I define my own version of pantheism, then it’s not all always or only just about the good parts, the light, but also the darkness.  I’m recently reminded of this part of the John Burroughs quote  shared on the Universal Pantheist Society Facebook page (although I should point out the UPS welcomes different flavors of pantheism; this is just my personal take).

“When we call the power back of all God, it smells of creeds and systems, of superstition, intolerance, persecution; but when we call it Nature, it smells of spring and summer, of green fields and blooming groves, of birds and flowers and sky and stars. I admit that it smells of tornadoes and earthquakes, of disease and death too, but these things make it all the more real to us to conceive of God in terms of universal Nature…” (John Burroughs, “Accepting the Universe”).