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“In all things we should try to make ourselves be as grateful as possible…” (Seneca), from today’s Daily Stoic reading.

I’m grateful I could spend the holiday weekend with one of my daughters and a close friend and granddog, Beau.  We ate, laughed, talked. Had hot chocolate with peppermint sticks, worked on puzzles, had a fire outside and enjoyed weather that was really too good for December, and took two good walks.  We watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Scrooged, and A Christmas Story.  Coming in one night from looking at Christmas lights downtown, we looked up, and the sky was filled with stars…gave me goosebumps.  There are always stresses, but there’s also always something to be grateful for, and for me, it’s these simple, beautiful things.


Hope you enjoy this holiday season, however you celebrate, and stay safe and healthy!


Sunday Vibes

I just had such a clear realization that this who I am now…an old(er) woman in my reindeer pajama pants, a tie-dyed shirt, hiking boots, with the ensemble completed by my comfy, old faithful snowman bathrobe, outside filling up the bird feeders. And I’m so much more than fine with this. I’m contented, happy.

Happy Sunday morning!


Christmas Trees and Guns

I just don’t get this country’s obsession with guns and the obsession people have with sharing pictures of themselves holding guns. Good for you, you own a gun. 🙄 Now we are seeing more photos of families holding guns in front of the Christmas tree. Seeing little kids forced to hold guns with the Christmas tree behind them makes me sick to my stomach but also makes me really sad. No matter what I believe or don’t believe specifically, literally, about Christmas, I still even at my age feel that special feeling at Christmas time. To me, it’s a hopeful, peaceful, spiritual, loving time, a time of light and wonder. The sight of guns juxtaposed on a beautiful tree full of lights just cuts across that peace with a loud violent clatter that I personally find jarring.

(This picture of my little granddaughter from a couple of years ago conveys Christmas more accurately to me).