My Pantheism

Pantheism is my religion and the lens through which I see the world. As Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “I believe in God, only I spell it N-A-T-U-R-E.” I believe in celebrating everyday life, the simple things that feed my soul, right where I am. I don’t have a need for a supernatural worldview. I also have some Stoicism thrown in, too. It’s about living a good and happy life, being a good person, and not letting emotions whip us around in the wind. In fact, many of those early Stoics were actually pantheists.

Of course, Pantheism is more than pretty pictures of flowers and animals, greater than inspirational Nature memes. It’s also about facing and tackling real world problems like violence, hunger, homelessness, poverty, mental illness, a pandemic, and, of course, climate change and other environmental issues. All these things in our society are interrelated, but, to be fair, it was Pantheism’s focus on the natural world that attracted me, remembering that we humans are, after all, also part of Nature, including our failures and successes, our effects and consequences, our everyday lives, rituals, tasks, celebrations.

Some of my favorite topics here have been and will continue to be family, cats, birds, mountains, food, flowers and trees, autumn, sky, and John Burroughs. These things are wonderful, but sometimes I may write about things going on around me that make me sad, angry, tearful, and keep me awake at night, if I can find the words. Pantheism is a worldview that is big enough to handle it all. Mostly, though, I want this blog to be an upbeat and hopefully inspiring place that informs people what pantheism is and can be.

You’ll see that some things I’ve written and shared here were first published in Pantheist Vision, the quarterly publication of the Universal Pantheist Society (the oldest pantheist organization in the country), and I will be adding some older posts that were originally published in Pan magazine by the World Pantheist Movement.

I hope you enjoy these glimpses into my little corner of the planet.

~Honeybee (1/11/22)