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Sometimes You Just Need a Friend

Oscar misses Emmy. They were almost always sleeping together. He would lick her head; she would lick his head. Now I can love on him but I can’t go that far, and Macchiato is too busy either being jealous or biting Oscar’s tail to get quite that close, though they will sometimes sleep on the couch at the same time, but apart. So, I put a little fake kitty down, and Oscar cozied up to it. Spirit (my sweet diabetic cat that died a few years ago) used to lie down next to this kitty, too, and a workman a long time ago was talking to it until I told him it wasn’t real. Anyway, my sweet boy is tugging at my heart strings.


From Housemates to Brothers

I share my house and my heart with these two little guys, Oscar, a tuxedo kitty, and Macchiato, an American bobtail, both rescues.  Unfortunately, two weeks ago, Oscar’s sweet, close, and lookalike sister, Emmy, passed away from kidney failure (the two of them were almost inseparable, spending most of their time in their own little world), and now these two boys are figuring out how to get along and become more than housemates, but brothers.  It’s  a work in progress, and I’m trying to keep my expectations reasonable, but sharing a couch is a good place to be.  They’re family and make up a big part of my cozy life.

I miss this precious little Emmy girl and her sweet kisses. While there’s an empty space here in the house, she’s always in my heart.