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Happy Easter!

People around the world today celebrate Easter and a risen savior. I used to believe in that Easter, a long time ago. I was the little girl going to church in a new Easter dress, the young woman playing in a Moravian band for sunrise services in Old Salem, singing Easter hymns in the church choir.

Then as a pantheist, old beliefs left behind, Easter became all about spring and Nature, new life, and family…sharing colorful eggs and baskets with chocolate bunnies with daughters, then little granddaughters, putting flowers on family graves, special Easter dinners at the Dillard House in Georgia, and it was the day my father died.

Life has changed, the world has changed, and I have changed. But today on Easter, in our own and sometimes drastically different ways, I think we are celebrating love and the sacredness of life and all its interconnections. Easter still holds and will always hold a special place in my memories, in my heart.