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O Holy Night

Last night was the lunar eclipse.  Right off let me say I didn’t see it.  I tried. I went out early on and saw the big beautiful moon off and on between the thick wisps of clouds that were rolling in.  I looked a few more times, including once pretty late, around 3:15 a.m, after I had dozed off for a while, and by then it was all clouds and I couldn’t see anything.  But, regardless of that it was still an amazing experience for me.  The knowledge that the eclipse was happening and being viewed by people everywhere, combined with winter solstice and the quiet peaceful beauty when I was out on my porch during the time I’d normally be sleeping, gave me a feeling once I had settled back into bed like I had when I was a kid on Christmas Eve.  I’d wake up every hour, knowing something amazing was going on while I tried to sleep, and part of it was happening in my living room but simultaneously all over the world, that expectant feeling, excitement, and happiness that you never forget.  Wow! I didn’t expect to feel that last night but what a joy!

Earlier, I lit a candle for this season of light and turned the tree lights on.  This season for me is about birth, not just the story of one particular baby, but all beings, and the birth of light, physical light, knowledge and emotional opening up, the return of the sun to our days, a little more bit by bit, the birth of all life everywhere.  It kind of hit me like a ton of bricks that even though “O Holy Night” is usually reserved for the Christian viewpoint of this time of the year, really every night is and can be a holy night if I’ll just let it be so.  No, I didn’t see the eclipse, though I can see the beautiful photos by those who did, but know that I was sharing it with you anyway.  I’m so glad to know that those wonderful childhood feelings are still available to me if I’m open to them. One difference….no presents in my living room when I woke up this morning, just my sweet pets and the smell of coffee and the light of day, still very cloudy, but with the promise of unexpected treasures to come.  I feel different this morning.  I think I did get a gift after all.