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Road Trips

I love this article about the “Rock City barns” from Smoky Mountain News SMNXtra, written by Cliff Kevill, especially this line:

“To spot one of these sentinels is to catch a glimpse of a time gone by when families in sedans and station wagons took to two-lane highways in search of adventure.”

Makes me feel nostalgic, bringing back lots of good memories. I come from a family, apparently going back a couple of generations, who liked to pile in the car and go on a ride — day trips, weekend getaways, Sunday afternoons. Later, after 4-lane highways made their appearance, I always wanted to go what I would call “the people way” — which meant 2-lane roads through small towns and the countryside in between, away from the highway. I always felt the 4-lane was boring and not too interesting to view out my backseat window. I still feel that way. These trips embraced western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia, and parts of South Carolina.

I can’t really think back about my life over the years without remembering road trips to special and beautiful places with family, both as a child and as an adult, and every one of them was an adventure, accompanied by a sense of anticipation and excitement. Who knew what the day might bring?

When my parents were in their 70s, I was the driver and they were the passengers, and we all still enjoyed taking off on an adventure of a day trip somewhere, usually involving at least in part a previously untraveled (by us) road as well as a fair amount of reminiscing. Now that my parents have passed on, these are precious memories I can hold on to.

Oh, and by the way, yes, I have actually been to Rock City.