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Old Saturday Memories

I went out a while ago to do my Saturday chores.  It’s a cold rainy day, fog and clouds down low on the mountains, and I was hit with a memory from my teenage years.

There were many cold Saturdays like this, colder and more often, it seems.  Sometimes I would take a real nap for a couple of hours in the afternoon, in the bed or on the carpeted living room floor, covered with a cozy blanket or comforter.   My mom would make spaghetti or meat loaf or chili for supper, and we always had dessert, homemade chocolate pie or maybe banana pudding.  Then my mom, dad, and I would go up to Western (that is, Western Carolina University) to Reid Gym to watch the Catamounts play basketball.  It would be crowded and so hot and loud, kind of crazy sometimes, but exhilarating.

Afterwards, we’d have to walk back to the car and I’d be freezing.  By the time the chill wore off the car, we’d be home, go inside where it was warm, put on the pj’s, and have another piece of that pie.  My mom would say my dad and I rehashed the game too much.

Such sweet and cozy memories….a lifetime ago.