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I’m sitting out on the porch, and it’s so nice and peaceful and comfortable.  It rained a tiny bit earlier, and now there’s a little breeze that’s blowing the scent of a neighbor’s newly mowed grass in my direction.  A satisfyingly lazy summer Saturday afternoon.



We make memories every day, but for some reason, some of them latch onto our minds and especially our hearts more than others.


Last week I spent a few days with one of my daughters at her house in the Raleigh area to help babysit my other daughter’s two little girls while she and her husband were on a trip. I miss those little ones so much since they moved away from here. It was wonderful seeing them fall asleep at night, wake up in the morning, and everything in between…walks, meals, laughter, playing with dogs, eating ice cream (twice!), fingernail painting, playgrounds, deer at dusk, an unexpected double rainbow, doing yard work, silliness, sweetness, and the greatly missed hugs….really just being together.

But one memory I’ll keep with me is going to the nursery with my daughter (and the grands, of course) to look for plants for her yard. There was free ice cream and lemonade, face painting, lots of colorful bridges to cross as we wandered among beautiful trees and flowers and fountains. She decided on Rose of Sharon, hostas, and lantanas. While the older granddaughter had a bright butterfly painted on her cheek, the little one sat patiently eating every drop of her ice cream, then both girls got free flowers to take home. It was a lovely, sweet, and special day I’ll carry in my heart for a long time. Just the beauty of simple everyday life spent out in nature with family.

Granted, every day or week may not be crammed with so many “big” blessings, but I do believe there’s something to be thankful for every single day we’re alive on this beautiful planet.